I Want to Help Fill your Park to Capacity

I am a licensed mobile home Retailer and Residential Mortgage Loan Originator in Texas. I would like to help park owners fight occupancy risks. I can buy, move, fix up, and sell homes via owner finance on notes that guarantee the home will stay in the park it is sold in. I would like to work with a park owner who can give me a line of credit to fill the park and make the homes ready to sell, then buy the notes I create once the homes are sold. I am flexible with the terms of the financial agreement we reach. I have done this with park owners in the past and they usually earn 15-20% on there investment with me, while at the same time fill their park to capacity.I am open to ideas from this community on how I can make this happen or how I can market my services. Currently I am located in Houston Texas but I am willing to travel throughout Texas if needed. Thank you.

How do you feel about working in Oklahoma City or Kansas City?  Please contact me through my website if you’d like to have a conversation.Best,-Jefferson-

Are you qualified to do business in any other states, or just Texas?

I am only qualified in Texas as of now. I would work in other states but would need to register my license with the state in order to do so. Each state has different rules and regulations but registration should not be hard. I would gladly do so for an opportunity outside of Texas.