I want to evict a tenant and ban them from the MHP

I have a tenant whose lease is up the end of August and I want her banned from the MHP. What would you all suggest that I do and how should I handle this?

I suggest that you listen to the mastery podcast titled “the perfect tenant.”

Where would I find that at?

I’ve had success working with my local police dept putting a No Trespass order on people who I don’t want in my park. See if that is an option for you.

We sometimes issue a “do not trespass” order. Depending on your local law enforcement, this may be enforced differently between jurisdictions. At one of our parks, the local police simply tell the guy to leave and issue the order themselves. At another park, the local sheriff requires us to hand deliver a do not trespass order before they will enforce it. Either way, enforcement is a challenge because if the guy comes back and you call law enforcement, he can be gone before they get there. They do not like this run around, so they often will not respond to you.


What is/are the reason(s) for wanting to ban them? In our park we have to keep a notice on the bulletin board with the name(s) of whomever we banned. We also stated the reasons for the bans next to their names. They’re either for not paying rent (before the Cov stuff started), causing disturbances, police visits, keeping PitBulls, etc.
I would suggest that if you have problems with that tenant to also give them written notices before the end of their lease. I don’t think you can ban someone without posting a good reason. At least not here.


All of the above, except that she does pay the rent for now anyways. She bothers all the other tenants with her loud barking dog, she steals from them, lies to them and sleeps with 3 of the 7 men I rent too. I even had a air condition repair guy go in to make a repair and the stink of marijuana was so strong he refused to go back. She is a trouble maker with all my other tenants.

Ok. I remember a tenant that we wanted to evict several years ago. We were going to evict her because she had a house full of Pit Bulls (they were also drug dealing at the front yard, but we couldn’t prove it). So, since her lease would be up soon we went that route. We gave her a notice that simply said her lease would be up at such-n-such date and we would not be renewing it. That was all we needed. We couldn’t put her on the ban list until all was said and done. But it’s true, all they’ll do it tell the person to leave if they’re caught on the property. It just depends on who it is, too. I spoke with one deputy and he said he caught one of the guys on our list coming from the park through the woods and told him that if he caught him again he’d arrest him.

Give her a 30 day notice or whatever time state law requires for non-renewal of her lease. If she isn’t gone after that you should be able to send her to court to get your land back.


They are renting the land only, or also the mobile home?

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Typically when they buy one of the mobile homes, it’s the home only. If they’ve bought it from us (paid in full), then they only have to pay lot rent. If they do a lease purchase, then they’ll pay the lot rent plus a monthly cost for the home until it’s paid off.

She is renting the mobile home only

Since she does not own the trailer, I would review her lease and see if there is anything she has done to violate the lease (quite enjoyment/drug use, no smoking in unit etc.) and use your local laws to evict. If no violations, simply do not renew the lease, follow local laws and give notice, but usually a bad tenant will have violated something in the lease, that with notices and non-compliance will allow eviction. If not review your leases, the language is probably NOT strong enough.

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In CA you can evict a tenant for being a nuisance, and it doesn’t;t have to be breaking laws. If they get in trouble with the HOA, violate rules, get noise complaints etc they can be evicted. I just evicted a tenant and she did not respond to any of the notices, just tore them down. I won by default.

You can start the eviction process with a good lawyer for about $500 here.

Look up the differences between curable and non-curable reasons for eviction. That is the ticket.