I thought I knew how this forum works

I posted on 2/2/07 to one of my previous posts asking if one of the responders would call or email me. When I refreshed my browser, my post was on top of the forum as it should be. When I checked the forum later on, the post is no where to be found. I used the search feature and can find my post in question. But just a few minutes ago – it is no where to be found in the last date posted column. What gives? Is it against the rules to ask someone to contact them on the forum? I have sent an email to this person. I was just covering all my bases. Just curious how the forum works.

Beach Boy,

I am not sure what happened to your post. I would just repost. There is definitely no issue with you asking for a person to contact you.

Steve and I do not censor the forum in any way. Unless the forum gets spammed or there is a vulgar/inappropriate message posted we do not make any deletes. This forum is for all of the MHU members and we want to make sure and keep it that way! :slight_smile: