I need MH park spaces

I need to know how to convince MH park owners and managers to allow me to place my rentals in their parks. I am of the opinion that if you have an empty space, it is best to have it rented. What I have encountered is an immediate and total refusal to have renters in their park. I presently have one unit in a park and one unit on my land. Buying land, jumping through all of the government loops, spending a ton of money, and paying taxes is a hassle. As you can see, I would rather use park spaces. I have offered to provide a reference from the park manager who I currently lease from, but no park owner or manager has taken me up on my offer. Any suggestions?

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Thanks for the information. Oh, I know why there is resistance from MHP owners to include MH renters. I have contracted with a credit check company and require all of my renters to pay for their own credit checks. Just the mere mention of a credit check will turn most people away or they will spill their guts why they have bad credit. Everyone who I am considering renting to has passed the credit check with very good records. Before I can mention that I do a background check on my applicants, the MHP owner will shut me down that he has a rule. He is the owner. He kmakes the rules. What I am trying to accomplish is to change some minds as to the “professional” MH landlord.

What geography are you working in? I have spaces in my park which I would consider renting to you.


Send me an email – lblanton2750@charter.net. Thanks.

Instead of renting, you may want to consider selling the homes on contract and carrying the financing. You’ll attract a better quality tenant, which will make the park owner happy, and it’ll be more hassle free for you as well (more stability therefore lower vacancy, less maintenance). If you go with nicer, more expensive homes than the typical Lonnie Deals, the longevity of the income stream may parallel what you’d receive renting, since many loans default repeatedly, rather than get paid off.

Okay, do any MHUers own a MHP in Baldwin County, Alabama? I will be your best tenant.