I need investor with 150k

I have two MHP’s under contract. These two are not “home runs” but sure qualify as triples. Using the value formula of 60 x lot rent x # spaces and 30 x vacant spaces x lot rent, the purchase price is 80% of value.

Looking for money more than a partner…but I will listen. Please Help!



The parks are in North Carolina. One of the parks is 22 spaces, the other is 24 spaces. They are both grandfathered within the city limits with individual water and sewer meters. The parks are on 11 acres combined, but that isn’t so important because of the inability to increase the size, again due to the city zoning. The parks both have paved streets and lights. Thanks for the interest, Jon.


are the 2 parks owned by the same seller? call or email to discuss more details

Holly McKhann

951 734-7626


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Maybe a little late, but I live in NC and would like to know more.

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