I need help in Texas buying a Park

I am a Real Estate broker in California that is in the market for a MH park in Texas.In California, I have contacted a title company ,asking for a listing of properties in a specific area. I want to do the same in Texas and get a listing of mobile home parks in certain areas . I have tried to do this from California contacting Title company sales reps in Texas and have met a lot of resistance In Ca, I have found every title company more than willing to accomodate me. Can anybody make any sugestion as I have had awesome results buying Real estate this way in Sacramento and LA and want to Do this in Texas. Does anyone IN the MHU community have any sugestions?Any assistance would be greatly Appreciated

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I would like an opportunity to help. First do not call a title company out here in texas, you need a realestate proffessional. I have two communities for sale north of San Antonio. They are both smaller, however, they have an incredible ROI. The first is 360 K with one DW and three SW’s plus an RV slot. All of the homes are park owned and rent for $950,850,850,750,250. The second is in the begining phase and can be sold now for 160K with two SW’s and one rv slot. They rent for $750,750,250. when it is complete it will have 4homes and two rv slots and will sell around 275k. Call me at 210.663.7726, ask for Kevin.

Have you ever tried loopnet??


I would call the title reps directly in Texas. Explain what you are looking to do and let them know that when you buy a park that you will use them for title insurance. The reason that you are receiving resistance from the California title reps is that usually they will not receive credit for the title (as it is in another state) thus it is not a high priority for them. I have also found that most title companies though national are very state oriented and fragmented (meaning that the reps do not talk among their counterparts in other states very often). This could just be my experience but it has happened several times.


John Hurd?


He has several Parks for sale in TX.

Or Dave Reynold’s site:


These are wonderful sites for folks looking for Parks.

Good Luck