I Met A Real American


I met a real American, a man of competence and of fierce independence. Erin has hardly passed his twenty first years. According to the people who have known him for a long time, he had been left on his own for about the past ten years. He seemed to have raised himself, provided for his necessities which occasionally required taking that which was not his


I am constantly amazed by my payors who claim to “have nothing” when they are surrounded by gadgets and toys and cigarettes all of which cost them something and could probably be given up if they really wanted to pay their rent.

One family left behind a literal mountain of plastic crap that they bought their kids (as well as an astonishing collection of peanut butter that my cleaning lady asked if she could have). We were waiting to pay them for the house until we could get a few title issues straightened out- and the dad said “could you please hurry because this is our kids’ christmas you’re holding up”.

Thanks for sharing your observation. It reminds me of the people you read about in “The Millionaire Next Door”.



Erin has a very valuable asset in your friendship (and you in his I suppose). Has this lad ever listened to “The Strangest Secret” talk by Earl Nightingale? If Not I would be willing to Buy him a copy as well as buy him a cd player to listen to it on. I think this should be played in high schools over the loud speaker every month! It would be my pleasure to contribute however minimally to his future success.



This young man demonstrates a fierce and well-earned independence that is to be commended. However, no man is an island. He has found in you a good sounding board for his independence.

He is likely to be so determined to be independent he will not accept help from anyone to his own detriment, at times.

Reminds me of the lady in the flood who refused help from a man in a canoe, a rescue boat, and finally a rescue helicopter as she was on her roof at that point. She exclaimed she was waiting for God to save her. After drowning and getting to heaven, she complained to God for not saving her. He said: I sent you two boats and a helicopter, what were you expecting?

Bernd, If I were in your shoes, I would not offer any direct help. He obviously needs no fish. What he needs is better and better fishing methods. Conversations with you will be more enlightening to him than any formal education which he has already shunned. It took me a long time to see that others can offer me opportunities not just free rides. I, myself, still have to make them work.