I have had some time

to sort out the mess on my desk (it looked like someone dumped a Dumpster on it) and I would like to take a moment to thank some folks.

Alexander…he made the A/V’s work and was an immense help. A 16 year old that LOVES the biz. One of the highlights was listening to music on our computer before the meet. he is involved in two L/H pacs and will be sucessful in this busines. He will be a guest speaker at the next MOM. (and of course our IT Guy)

Jim and Ellen Brenn…they made this happen. What a wonderful community and just great folks.

Michael Stillfield and Ruben Flores. They travelled a huge distance to share a most sucessful business model.

David Protiva a very interesting guy. His presentation included some Note info that will help me in my model.

Lin Bennet. What can I say. You are an inspiration to me and many others.

You have provided financial security for your family for life in a very few years. Awesome!

Brad Weidman and Steve Hall…sharper folks you won’t find. They took time from their busy schedules to share GREAT info.

Dave Jackson. Another “giver” from this community. His business model is a proven sucess and he could be a stand up comic! I can’t believe what he and Betty have done at their Park.

Chris Curtis…a phenom and a modest, real life person. Well on her way to financial sucess.

Fred Balke… What can I say…part of the MOM family and an inspiration to so many…and I so value his friendship.

One of the things I loved in my 22 years in construction was mobilizing onto a new job. A 60 story skyscraper or a Performing Arts Center, or 6 story Bank. Bare dirt and in 9 months or 4 years a beautiful complete project. Building something from bare soil up. WOW! A great feeling of being part of something…important. I feel the same now. I have watched people build a comfortable secure future from the ground up. how cool is that?

Thanks to Steve, Tony, Karl, Doc, Ryan and everyone that showed up. I promise the next event will be a bit more …organized.

I have Alexander to help me! LOL

Greg Meade

Greg, went to the MOM and wanted you to personally know I like the laid back , uplanned (or open agenda if u perfer) networking ,do your own thing type of meeting. the networking and knowledge is the key item and it is there if you want it. I am up the road from you and wanted to thank you for some advice you gave me in a brief meeting 3 years ago. Basically you led me to the CRE board and encourged me to do what I was doing , and I saw the success you were going to have at Infinity. So thanks. The MOM reinforced me and what a great group of people. Quite honestly I am working my way out of the active business in a slow deliberate way only because I want to be fully retired and as Lonnie says good enought. A nice lady Terry and her husband were going to meet me at the MOM and they had planned to go but unfortunately he is very ill suddenly. However because of them I went and got renewed and wish I was young again. Just wanted you to know in my humble opinion I think yout meeting was terrific with no sales pitches, no BS and just good vibes. Good luck to all of the people and hope you all do well. Steve


Thank You so much for your leadership. You will never know how many people you have helped or how many lives you have changed for the better. There is a ripple effect from your efforts that reaches farther than you could probably dream. Me and my family have been blessed greatly in many ways by knowing you. Keep on brother! Roy and Cathy