I have a lead on 2 mobiles in NE Indiana

I know a guy that has 2 mobile homes that need moved off of some private property yesterday. I do not have any empty lots in my parks at this time. ( It is so rough having all full parks :))

As I drove home I tried to think of a way I could profit on these homes without having a place to put them at the moment. I hate to loose a chance of being part of the solution. I thought about trying to find a rural property to put them on, but I am very busy the way it is.

My contact told me one home is a 1988 14x70 metal/metal and the other home is a 1993 16x80 vinyl sided. I believe he wanted $2500 for the 1988 and $3500 for the 1993. However he works for a mover so its possible moving and blocking the homes could be worked into the deal. I image he would take less than $6000 for both homes. He said they needed some work but were just in rentable condition a few months ago.

This is about all I know and I have not seen the homes myself.

I need to buy more parks so I can find a place to put deals like this!

Let me know if you are interested.

Briton (IN)

heads up Briton it is SO good to hear from you…still have that ammortization booklet? LOL

Here is a GREAT real estate calculator:

Multiple Parks…under 25 years old…hmmm Come to MOM Briton!



That amortization booklet is still in my truck! I remember how I got it every time I grab that booklet.

I turn 25 next year :frowning:

Mabye I will come to MOM next year. Would love to make it.



I may be able to put a buyer on these and we can both make some cash off of the deal. Call me; 317-626-7275


If you do make it to MOM be sure to give me a heads up. Ruben and I are driving down from Kansas City and would love to have you join us if you’re interested. That also applies to anyone else between KC & Troy. Although, be warned, we might not take a direct route back. There are so many other investor’s “playgrounds” to check out between here and there!! :wink:



I am interested, I have some lots in Muncie to fill. Please email me & I will email my cell phone to discuss ASAP.

John Hyre