I am a renter

I hope its okay I posted here, but I am really worried.

I rent a home in a mobile home park in Michigan. The owners own two parks in my town and one further north of here.

The two parks here were purchased as foreclosures.

My park has not been very full in the two years I have lived here and recently I found out that before Christmas we had

60 residents and now there are only 38.

I don’t know how many moved from the other park.

Some of this park looks dumpy, but I like living here. I am treated very well and feel safe here.

I am worried sick this park will close. How are they going to keep up with the taxes, etc?

It has 188 units.

They have cut the manager down to two days a week and only called back one maintenance man out of three that was laid off before Christmas.

I asked one of them if this park will close and was reassured it wouldn’t, but I feel I was being told what I wanted to hear.

Thank you, zasu