Hurricane Matthew / how to get FEMA trailers if I get hit?

Ok, so currently my park is in the path of hurricane Matthew, a Cat 4 storm, which is a major storm. Most of the homes in my park are pre HUD standards, meaning they are NOT rated for high winds, nor are they tied down very well by today’s standards.

So - worst case scenario, my park gets hit hard by the hurricane, does anyone know how to go about getting FEMA trailers in the park?

I doubt this is going to happen, but just trying to do some homework, just in case.

We’re still rehabbing and turning around the park. Demand for homes FAR outstrips our ability to rehab and sell the homes fast enough - mostly due to capital limitations. If I could rehab all the homes tomorrow I could sell them all within weeks. I still own about 50 of the homes.

BTW, we’ve posted notices to leave the park if / when ordered. My manager has already even called the elderly and those that may not be able to follow the news, so we’re trying to do our best there.

Thank you

I think both you and your tenants should apply for assistance if things go badly. There are all sorts of applications like debris removal, assistance with repairs, etc.

Check with you insurance company to see if you have coverage for loss of rent.

Presuming there is widespread need for housing, FEMA may purchase MH’s and or travel trailers. If they do, they’ll be looking for places to place them- and they’ll pay lot rent. You may have the opportunity to buy the homes in the future from the government, though the acquisition/sell process tends to be managed on a large scale basis by large companies which makes it hard for the small guy to buy a small number of homes, even though they may pay more for them than a purchaser buying lots of 100 or 1000 homes. Watch for local notices from FEMA and watch their website.

This information was just posted by the Texas Manufactured Housing Association - MHI would be another good source…

"To All TMHA Retailers:

MHI has received an urgent request from FEMA who is researching the availability of existing new single-section HUD Code homes for sale on retail lots within 1,000 miles of Louisiana.

The Louisiana flood has virtually depleted FEMA’s existing stock of HUD Code temporary units used for disaster recovery. FEMA is developing an emergency plan in the event of additional disasters in Florida and the Carolinas due to Hurricane Matthew. Although several thousand new HUD Code units are now in the pipeline for construction by FEMA’s manufacturer contractors, these homes may not be finished in time for FEMA to meet the current demand in Louisiana and potential demand from Hurricane Matthew.

FEMA has asked MHI to provide a list of retailers who would be willing to sell their existing inventory of single-section homes to FEMA. Should FEMA need to purchase homes, they will contact retailers on the list directly and apprise them of the business opportunity. It is our understanding that FEMA will pay market rates, and retailers should be assured that there is no obligation to sell.

If you are interested in adding your name to the list, please send the following information by 4:00 p.m. TODAY, Thursday, October 6, to Ann Parman at

· Name of Company

· Point of Contact

· Contact Information

· Number of single-section homes available

MHI needs this information by 4:00 p.m. TODAY, Thursday, October 6th to meet FEMA’s timeline.

Thank you"

Thank you both, that’s very helpful. The fact that they’re out of inventory is pretty disturbing though.

By the way, my park is very near Melbourne, the projected landfall area. As of right now it does not look good, but if hit I’ll just have to figure out how to make lemonade.

Because of the age of the homes I was unable to get loss of income or wind loss insurance. These things do have a way of working out in the long run, so we’ll see.

Good Luck Coach as this looks like a nasty storm…

@Coach62, how are your Tenants and your MHP after Hurricane Matthew?

Coach - send us an update when you can. We prayed for your protection.