Hurricane Ike help


I was wondering if anyone had any advice in regards to claiming damages with insurance companies (Foremost) for damages to a mobile home park in the Houston area. Anything would be greatly appreciated since this would be a first time claim.

Most homes are insured with some additional property coverage.

The skirting on almost all the homes has been destroyed along with the property fence. Also, many roofs are leaking with damage to the doors and entrance stairs.

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Just call the company like you would if you had any other claim. We lost several homes in Florida when we had two storms within two weeks. It took awhile for the adjusters to come out, but they eventually got there.

Most insurance companies hire extra adjusters for this type of disaster. We found that they did not know much about manufactured homes - since Foremost does so many, the adjusters there may be different.

Good luck with your cleanup. Just don’t do anything to those homes until they have been seen!