Hud inspections

I own a park in nj, where I am renovating and remodeling older homes. They are being anchored in with tie downs and concrete.
Just recently the township inspector bright up the need for HUD home inspections, but I’m having trouble locating information on what that exactly entails. I would like some info to understand myself before heading to the township.
Any help or understanding anyone can offer?

Someone will need to inspect the installation and typically that is governed at the state level, not the local level. Some states outsource their guidelines by adopting federal HUD guidelines. If NJ has adopted the HUD guidelines for installation, then you will need to find someone who is licensed to inspect HUD installations to sign off on the installation.

Some homes are pre HUD inspected and approved already. Do you know if a licensed engineer can sign off on the inspection?

Yes, a licensed engineer can always sign off for approval.