How will this impact you? ...LONG

As the article states, "The measure is being used as a model by other states as housing advocates and lawmakers pursue their own laws designed to protect those living in parks.

You may be affected in the near future!!!

Have been looking at a few potential parks lately, but am not an owner. I had heard of some type of action to have rent controls. This looks as is it is the final result.

Have included the text and the link if you would like to go to there.


Delaware’s new manufactured housing

law becomes a national model

By Kevin Spence

While 13 states have legislation in place to protect those living in manufactured home communities, Delaware

Well I seriously doubt that is much of an issue for the majority of parks. Most park residents are not going to have the means, knowledge, or desire to purchase the park. Now there will be exceptions but I am betting that most parks that would fit this mold are already condo parks. The only bad part I see is the requirement that park residents know the park is for sale. This has the potential to cause residents (and owners) undue stress…

It sounds to me like a big long delay of sale, and since time kills deals…well, probably just effectively reduces the ability for an operator wanting to retire to do so. I used to think this nanny state stuff was reserved for the coasts, but now it seems more and more average Joe’s want the Gov’t involved in their every move.

What made America unique, the greatest country the world has ever seen? The Constitution, with its focus on the sovereignty and rights of the individual!

When was the last time you have heard a discussion of the Constitution within a family, among friends or acquaintances, or in the popular media?

Today, the rights of a group far outweigh the rights of the individual or his property. From every governmental and bureaucratic level, from the President of the US to the lowest governmental employee, you are told