How will the new tax plan impact our industry?

Thoughts? Opinions? Comments?

Rich get richer. Pass through income 20 pct deduction woot. So we run an oligopoly industry housing the poor. On top of the oligopoly we have high switching costs for our customers. Now to boot the effective taxes on cash flow go down. Parks have high cash flow and not as much depreciation as multifamily to shield it. Well - now the taxes are lower! Estate tax-free limit just doubled so Park Mogul’s son Johnny Boy can keep more of the poor’s moolah and start life on a much elevated playing field vs that of his daddy’s customers’ children.

Hooray for crony capitalism. Hooray for concentrating wealth at the top. Hooray for deficits. Hooray hooray.

Party while the world burns baby - anyone wanna race my Tesla?

There is a huge risk this is only a 3-4 year tax change, and until it survives a democratic presidency should not be banked on long term. Good time to infill and make other short term decisions until the dust settles.