How to word a contract to sell a mobile home for free?


We own a park through contract for deed near Dallas TX. We are selling a dilapidated home in the park to a buyer for free with the condition renovated home will remain at the park for a certain period of time and buyer agrees to pay a lot rent.
Wondering is there any standard form for such agreement . Appreciate your help.


Wanted to give a reply to your inquiry as I hand’t seen a response. Couple points:

  1. Have you read through the posts. I actually attached a ‘sample’ of a handyman/contractor agreement we have used. It is not meant to be a definitive standard - hardly, it is just an example.
  2. Have you conferred with local counsel on this? Every county is a bit different and I always suggest you speak with them first.
  3. There is no ‘standard’ agreement as this this is not a standards practice in a frankly unstandard business for most municipalities.

My word of advice with any such contract your do:

  • Be specific on what needs to be done
  • Set clear deadlines and inspection requirements
  • Do not let people inhabit the home until work is completed - or at least to meet required standards for your municipality. No lease until then.