How to solve missing title MH?

I found a park that includes 15 mobile homes with missing title. The seller did not understand that each home needs to have a title so he did not ask for it when he purchased the park about 1 yr ago. The current owner has rented a few of these missing title homes for almost 1 yr and nobody claims for the homes so far. The previous seller is not cooperative. How can I correct this problem? In other words, what can I do to ensure that I own those homes legally? Thx.

I don’t know what state you are in. If you were in Texas you could get it done by completing a few forms on each home and paying the filing fees. This would get you new statements of ownership as long as none of them show up as having tax liens,etc. You would need the sellers signature on some of the forms as well.

What state are you in?


I decided not to pursue the park and I found the answer from internet. It looks like missing title is not a problem in TX. New owner can apply for SOL. Here is the URL Frequently Asked Questions: Statement of Ownership


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