How to price commercial tenants

I’ve owned this particular property for a year or so and I have a large commercial trucking tenant that the previous owner charged about $1,250 a month.

I’ve included a picture (I think). The trucking company is the area that’s highlighted at the top left of the picture. My question is, am I charging enough? I looked it up and it’s a bigger company in IL. They take up a lot of space on the property and quite frankly, $1,250 a month seems like nothing for the space they’re getting.

Are there services out there that will assist in pricing this or is there any other way I can figure out if I’m charging enough? Any help would be appreciated.


Are they just using it as a storage yard or is there a shop as well? Probably worth calling a few local commercial brokers for a price opinion. Maybe make them a deal that you’ll pay them one month’s worth of increase for their time. Wouldn’t be the worst to get another set of eyes on your lease too.


@westewart there is a shop as well I believe. It’s a pretty active site.

I do think reaching out to local brokers is a good idea. I’ll give that a shot first. Thank you!

Call these guys and see what they think.

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@SDGuy thank you for the reference. Looks like they might be able to give some insight. You wouldn’t happen to have a contact over there I can reach out to do you?

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