How to participate in the MHPIBC via long-distance?

Hello,I would be interested in participating in the Mobile Home Park Investment Boot Camp, but I don’t have the funds or inclination to travel down to the States (currently reside in the UK).I would happy to purchase  the “Mobile Home Park Home Study Course”, but I get a sense that, that is a more of an “add-on feature” of the boot camp.Would anyone have any suggestions/ideas on how to possibly join the boot camp, without being actually physically present?ThanksJonathan

Jonathon,The Home Study Course is stand-alone and not an “add-on”. We wrote it before we ever did a Boot Camp (several years earlier, in fact). The Boot Camp is the best thing we have, as it includes an additional 400+ pages of material, walking parks, three days of Q&A, and access to our “reference library” which includes every contract and form we use. It also includes a list of the 44,000 mobile home parks in the U.S.  But the Home Study Course is the next best thing if attending a Boot Camp is out of the question.

Hello Frank,Will the Home Study Course yield the same benefits as by attending the actual Boot camp, in terms of practical knowledge attained, or are there some things that only the Boot camp can provide?And if there are possibly somethings the Home Study Course is unable to cover, are there means by which to compensate for those via long-distance (i.e. what would you recommend one in my position should do next, if have studied the Home Study Course, in order to gain the same level of benefit as if attending the Boot camp)?Thanks,Jonathan

Jonathon,I understand the geographic problems for you to get to Boot Camp, and I would be happy to work with you to do everything we can do to help. Call Brandon at (970) 856-4070 and he will figure something out. Mobile home park ownership has taught us to think outside the box when necessary.

Thank You.