How to get tenants to properly use dumpster

Having trouble getting tenants to properly use dumpster. Manager is constantly cleaning messes. Any suggestions? Thought of putting an outdoor cell phone camera to see who is making the mess.

You have probably already thought of this but…just in case…can you go to individual cans at the resident’s lot? I know there are many reasons why this can’t be done in some communities but when it can it: puts the cost of trash collection where it belongs increasing NOI and community value; eliminates the very problems you are having with a dumpster; saves on wear and tear to roads as the dumpster trucks are heavier and do more damage to roads than the individual can trucks. Maybe you can’t do this but might be worth checking into for someone out there.

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When we sub-meter or use a RUB system, we remind residents that they pay for the dumpsters, and their responsibility to report illegal use.

We hope, by utilizing RUBS, to promote water conservation by our residents and with your input to be able to quickly identify water wastes and leaks. As a reminder, the dumpster is for only for our residents. Residents are requested to breakdown all cardboard and report illegal use of the community’s dumpster.

“We’re here to answer your sub-metering questions”

I used to own a condo and it was much worse there. Illegal dumping of mattresses & old electrical goods was costing a fortune. A sign reminding of the illegal items not allowed & a fine amount was posted. Then people did it at night anyway. A camera would have been helpful to track the problem people. Found out it was people from another complex.
So now as an owner, I see mobile home owners / renters want & need a place to throw out their old things. Putting in proper garbage bins, and recycling bins would be helpful. Our are locked and there’s only one place to put cardboard, which needs to be flattened. But what about all the packing material? Styrofoam cannot be recycled.
Clearly labelled bins are helpful.