How to get rid of sublet tenant?

A resident renting a lot in my park has sublet their trailer which is against park rules. I sent the resident a rules violation notice. They promised to evict the sublet and are motivated because the sublet stopped paying rent rent due to lack of repairs on the home.

Now the resident can’t get the sublet tenant out. The resident filed an eviction notice but the resident missed the court date. The sublet tenant showed. It will be another 45 days for a court date. But the resident is incompetent and may screw up again. I told the resident to get an attorney.

Adding to the problem, the resident did not get a building permit to install the trailer or additions.

Any suggestions on how I can get the sublet tenant out? Trespassing? Eviction notice on the sublet but they didn’t rent from me? Shut off the water since my resident is not living in the home?

Even if I evict my resident, how can I get the sublet out of the home?

At least I’m still getting paid lot rent.