How to get rid of Feral Cats in park

We just closed on a 150 space park that has been severly neglected by the previous owner. On my last trip out there, I noticed no less than 30-40 cats roaming the streets. The manager also said there was a huge feral cat problem. Has anyone dealt with tackling a situation like this? Weve dealt with getting rid of 3-4 cats in a park but never this quantity.

Traps are probably best solution. If you have local farmers sometime they’re happy to take them. If not should be able to give to animal control at a cost.

Check with your city or county. The park I just bought has the same issue. The county provides free trap, neuter and release services. Where I live, they provide the service but at a cost.

It’s very common. Trap neuter and release is one option we’ve tried. Also make sure all trash is securely in bins, etc. Mowing, landscaping, etc, reduces places for the rodents to hide which is what the cats are living on. Secure skirting, etc so cats can’t live there.

But it’s always a battle. You can also just live with it. IMO dogs are a bigger problem.

First step is to include in your community rules that feeding of feral cats is not allowed. This will need to be enforced through eviction if necessary. This will be the biggest move toward getting rid of the cats. They are present because some kind hearted residents are feeding them.
Second feral cats must be considered the same as any wild animal in the community.
Trap and dispose of however you see fit.
If the community is in a large enough forested area you might consider bringing in a pair of foxes to control the cat population. Once the cats are gone the foxes can be trapped and relocated.

That sounds like an awful idea. Have you considered the liability of doing that?

The only possible danger would be from rabies. The feral cats would be more of a danger in that regard than a couple of foxes.
Foxes, wolves, bears and fishers keep feral cats out of my community.

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