How to get in touch with an owner?

Hi,I’m new to this buying process, so please bear with me.  I spoke with a broker who brought up a park that the family owners might possibly be open to bringing to market.  However, she did not have a direct contact for the owner, she only had the manager’s number.  Am I best to call the manager and ask for the owner’s number?  What’s the best way to go about this?Thanks.

Go to the county tax assessor.  They will know where the tax bill is mailed.  Also, go to the county records office.  They will have record of the official owner and the address.Onward, upward,-jl-

Here in CA you can call any title company and get a property profile on any address at no charge. I usually use Chicago Title for that and would guess they will do the same everywhere. The property profile sheet has a lot of data on it, like the original mortgage amount, the price paid, date of transfer, square footage and such. 

That’s good info for CA Randy because you can’t get anything online in CA as far as actual owner info.

I stumbled across this by accident. I googled the address of a park and in the map showing the address, it gives a clear as day street view. You can even see the sign for the park and phone number. Technology is incredible. This was a great discovery for me as the phone number was not listed anywhere.
Also try - in the age of technology unfortunately not much is private anymore

…but it does help finding mobile home parks!

Some states such as Minnesota and Wisconsin have online databases to determine corporation officers. This is a great tool to find the owners if the park is in corporation name (LLC, Inc., etc.)