How to get demographic info?

Does anyone know of a site that provides/sells demographic information for cities? I have used but found it a bit hard to understand and navigate. What I would like to find is someplace that sells clear,concise,easy to understand information about a particular city or area. Of particular interest is info on what businesses are in the area and the current state/trend of the local economy. Any suggestions?



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You can Google search just about anything. I start with a general city search on Google and then click the Data Profile. See if the population is dropping or rising. I will also check to see where Walmart,Loews and Home Depot are located. If the city has a web page sometimes you can find out who the major employers are (or you can always call a broker). This will get you started

The Chamber of Commerce is a great place to start! When I was in the due diligence phase of buying the MHP’s in San Angelo I met with the President of the Chamber of Commerce. He provided me a wealth of information.

I would also contact the economic development department of the local government (city/county) as well.


Hey Rolf,

There is a very nice Demographics site on the links bar of this site.I just used it this evening.

Bruce Johnson

A belated thank you to all of you. Tried the COC in one city and was amazed at the info provided. My only complaint is that you get “snapshot” and trend info is probably more useful.


Tried the US Census Bureau? Your local realtor? The local "builder’s


Got a mobile home dealer in the area? A lender that does mobile homes will know things as well. It’s thier “business to know.”

MY favorite FREE magazines when I was still living in the States were :

Commercial Mortgage Insight.

The Scotsman Guide.

No one knows areas of opportunity better than the people lending the

money. :slight_smile:


Marc Ferrell is what I use