How to find off-market parks?

How is everyone finding off-market parks? If compiling park owner names, what service do you use to find the information? I am a newer MHP investor, looking to find small-mid size off market deals.


Meet people in your field at events, get in touch with specialised real estate agents, and look into services like Reonomy or PropStream to find owner information in off-market mobile home park deals.

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Not easy. Takes work, time, and money.

Many software services are available to data mine - usually not cheap for proper data services. $500-1k/mo.

Build out campaigns- mailers, postcards, phone calls. Need to have a proper budget to do it on regular intervals.

It took us 3 years to data mine about 25 states for all MHP owners in those states. The cost, time and effort was well worth it. For example if you spend 50K/year in marketing and land just one slam dunk deal - it’s well worth it, considering most of the deals that are publicly available to shop are usually horrible- overpriced by significant magnitudes, you’ll pay way more than a 50K premium on a public deal.

If you prove yourself as a serious buyer with brokers, they’ll feed you off market pocket listings all day. Track record and experience matters. If you’re known as the “deal closer” you won’t have enough cash to close all the deals in your pipeline.

It’s a multi pronged approach really.


@brandon15 I use virtual assistants who are specialized in mobile home park skip-tracing/ lead gen to build my lists of park owner addresses/ phone numbers for my direct mailings and calls. The VA’s I am currently using are overseas and only $5 an hour. They have done a fabulous job thus far. I find it well worth the money and it saves me a tremendous amount of time. I’m also considering hiring some local/ US-based stay-at-home-moms to make cold calls… Just some ideas. Good Luck!

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we have off-market opportunities available for serious buyers. plz email happy to discuss.

Hi @lorean87 - I’d love to hear more about your process of training and directing the VAs. I feel like skip tracing can take some judgment to make sure you’re getting quality information. Could you share how you work with your VAs or how you found ones that did good work?


Hi @lorean87 Lorean, Love to learn your VAs process. Appreciate it if you could share with me.

@Jane send me your email address and I will connect you with my VA. @pmkam I sent you an email connecting you to him

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Hey Brandon,

Our process involves identifying parks via Google Earth, where we often find that they’re owned by LLCs. Next, we navigate the Secretary of State’s website to try and locate the owner’s information. Using a skip trace software, we get their contact details and cold call them to establish contact.

Consider hiring a part-time VA to assist in compiling lists and sourcing this information and even making the cold calls. It could alleviate a lot of the workload.

Good luck,
Andrew Keel


Thanks for the experience share. Where have you found good virtual assistants to build lists of park owners and phone numbers for $5.00/hour?

@lgolden Pop me your email address and I’d be happy to connect you with my VA

I couldn’t help but be a little envious of your success with a VA. I understand that you have no real interest in my success in this industry but I have spent thousands on direct mail lists and VA with no success to date and would be very interested if I could contact your VA. Thank you for for time.


My VA’s email address:

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Sorry for the delayed response

I appreciate the help

Great! Thanks so much for the lead.

could I ask how you will identify and recruit the US stay-at-home mom’s? i would be very interested in this approach but not sure how to go about it! Thanks! =)