How to evict when tenant owns home


How do you go about evicting someone when they own the home? (probably a loan on it from the bank)

What forms need to be filed, how long will it take, what is my recourse on the home against lot rent owed, etc.

Thanks in advance for any help on the subject.

Process varies state by state. Definitely have a local attorney who specializes in Landlord-tennant law handle. Here in Missouri the process takes 90days minimum and more often 150 days before sheriff will enforce judges writ.

Do you want the home in your park or not? Find out who financed it, are they behind with them also? Maybe you can buy it and keep it. Or (cringe) PAY THE PEOPLE to leave. Offer to pay the pull off cost. In NY the park owner has no recourse on home, only tenant.

Not knowing your state, I’ll stick to generalities. File a dispossessory as usual for any rental. This will allow you to physically lock them out of the home. If there is a leinholder, notify them in writing of the events and tell them you

Thank you all so much for your time and help!!!

We are lucky today. We filed eviction papers against a tenant because she does not follow the park rules. We DON’T want her home. The rules she did not follow were essentially a command to fix her home! It is old, rusty, and an eyesore.

The home is being moved as we speak. Of course, it might break between here and the park that is allowing it in, but that is not our problem! Our problem is LEAVING! We are out the $203 court costs plus attorney cost to file the paperwork, but we are not actually going to court, which we really thought this particular woman would make us do. (She has been telling all our tenants that “my lawyer says…” and “my lawyer says…”.

She does owe money from the prior ownership, but we are glad to write it off and get her out of here! Now, on to planning…a nice doublewide on that lot will be great! It is the first house directly in front of the entrance.