How to deal with tenants selling home in park

What is the standard procedures if a tenant is selling their home in your park. Example. Tenant is selling their home, buyer is renting a mobile home in another park, They are looking to buy the mobile home in this park but their lease is not up for a couple months. Do you want the buyer to wait until 30 days prior to taking possession to get approval for the park or do you go ahead and take application now so they can make an offer on the mobile home and secure it with a down payment until they move in ? Will their approval for the park still be good in 2 months time, do you run it again prior to moving in ? Also once a prospective tenant is approved for tenancy in a regular situation when a mobile home is purchased in the park, is is reasonable to expect them to take possession within 2 weeks and the seller be moved out in that time frame. Trying to wrap my brain around how to sell a home in the park and make the transition so the person occupying the mobile home is the person on the title at the time so there is no overlap.

Buyers make a conditional offer on a home, conditional on park owner approval (screening) and once a offer is accepted by the seller the park owner then begins the screening / approval process. The accepting of a offer to buy requires the buyer to confirm they can actually pay to purchase or has financing to purchase the home. This should involve a legally signed and binding purchase/sale agreement. Closing date on the sale of the home is irrelevant except for the owner of the park to know when new home buyer is responsible for lot rent. Closing dates are often a month or two in the future.