How to Buy a Mobile Home on Craiglist?

I found a mobile home for sale on Craigslist that I want to buy and move into my park. The home is about 50 miles from my park. The seller says that he has the title.

My park is in Kansas, and I am in Florida - I do not want to travel to Kansas. I have a park manager with a car.

How do I get this deal done?


Starters. You need a picture of both sides of the title to verify there are no liens.
Send your manager out to take ample pictures making sure to check for soft spots in walls, near doors, corners and under windows.
Either send a certified check with manager or make appropriate arrangements with owner.
Call hvac technician to properly disconnect outside a/c. If not done correctly the unit will be shot after transport.
You may need an electrician to disconnect power but many movers can handle this part.

That’s a start.

Good luck.

@Louvie, thanks!

Follow up… I asked for photos of the title - there are no liens.

My park manager is going to look at the home today. I will ask him to look for soft spots as you described.

I am not sending him out with a check yet. If the house looks good, then I will send out a mobile home mover. As soon as the home is ready to be loaded onto the truck, then I will let my manager hand over the check. How does that sound?