How to approve tenants without much background

This is newbies question. I have a few vacancies for a newly purchased park. There is a couple just moved to the city that my park is in. They said they owned a home with mortgage of $245/month (which is unbelievable low) so I can not verify with previous landlord. A the same time, the husband just started to work as a tile layer in a small granite shop here while the fiance is studying to be a nurse.

The background check found the husband get arrested when he was driving under suspended license in January (which he declared before he filled up application).

The couple is living in a motel and a bit desperate as the motel is expensive. My park manager said the couple looks and talk normal.

Any guidance on how to proceed here?

If you cannot verify they are good tenants with a previous landlord that alone is reason to not approve the application. Then additionally there is not a long term occupational history - another reason not to approve. The background check should not even be a factor with the other information.

Set the bar high for tenant screening, make it repeatable, and follow it rigidly and you will have few problems.

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I’m not sure if you’re willing to go through this much trouble, but I would look up title records of their previous home and make sure they actually owned it. You could this a few ways:
-Look up the website of the county recorder, or call the recorder
-Call your local title agent and ask for help on the task

They are not acceptable based on the information you have provided. Any applicant that you can not validate a history on or has bad credit or criminal record is a reject.
Bad credit may be ignored if you cater to D level tenants.

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