How to approach partially owned tenant home

Long story short.

This is in TX. Park we bought last month. Seller of the park sold one of the homes back in April. Sold it for 1,700. Guy paid 1,000 down with 700 left to pay on it. No lot rent. Has not paid lot rent since he paid that 1,000.

House still has belongings. We got his number and told him his stuff needed to be out or was going into storage. He said he is going to sell his home. He said he has receipts (which he wont).

What do I do? I have a bill of sale showing this home was sold to this guy buy its not signed by anyone. Old owner claims to have one still signed by both. I have requested it but dont have it. On top of it , he went to do a remodel in the home and and tore out half of it but has not done anything to it.

Talked to attorney before he got a hold of this guy and we agreed to just put his possessions into storage. We wanted to send a letter but had no address. I guess we can send one to the now abandoned home to cover ourselves.

So according to what I see, he would still owe 700 on the home and then 1,250 in back lot rent since he skilled.

Im actually in the process of transferring the original home title with an SOL over to us but trying to work out a wrongful tax lien from another county before sending it and getting it transferred it over to us.

Any idea of how to best approach this situation?

Also to add, we were going out there to change the locks on it as we saw tenants from another lot going in there to take something.

JB -

This question gets asked a million times with a only slight variations. The answer is always the same: get an attorney the first time and evict ASAP and file a Possessory Lien.

Please always search the forum for similar questions before posting your own. The most recent answer to your question can be found in last week’s post entitled ‘evicting someone not on the lease.’ Please read that, and follow those directions.

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I read that post and I try to read others. I guess I should specify as I missed it in the original part. The home has been vacant since about April. Does it make sense to file an eviction? Also for a possessory lien, its still in the old owners name. Would it not be better to get the title transferred to us right now because then if we do a possessory lien (which I dont think we can do at this point) it wont be possible to transfer it back to ourselves?

Thanks and any feedback is appreciated.

You do not want to ‘transfer’ the title. You want to wipe out any back taxes owed, and clear-up any title issues. Remember, the person that owns the home is the person registered with the government. Any subsequent paperwork not filed with the government - is irrelevant. Just serve notice to the person or entity listed with the government as being the owner. Get an attorney, learn how to do this yourself, get a judgement ASAP and file the Lien. April was a long time ago. File evictions, liens, etc. as fast as the law allows (in our state - that is the 12th of the month).

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