How strict are Zoning district

Got an older SW 14x 60 that I’m moving out and getting a new S W unit. The zoning I’m in says must be replaced in the same footprints.

Can I put a new 14x70 in there ? Or should I contact the inspector before hand ?

Any experience with this will help.

Don’t just go with the zoning. Townships can pass whatever ordinances they want. Doesn’t mean it’s constitutional with state law. Look up the definition of legal nonconforming.

Defiantly speak with the inspector first or you could be wasting a lot of money and time. Always best to ask first. Additionally depending on your district you may need a demolition permit to remove the old home and a building permit to bring in the new one.
You always want to be on the good side of building inspectors since they have the power to make you life very difficult. Never assume anything.

always work with planning and the inspector, they want to help you. sometimes you can get a variance depending on the set back regulations.