How much would a list of every single mobile home park in the United States be worth?

If one could hypothetically get a list of names and addresses of every single mobile home park in the United States then how much would that be worth? I imagine a lot because then you could start evaluating the entire market including the offmarket parks. Thoughts?

If I may—July 4 th 2019 has passed but I would like to give my sincere thanks for being a 3rd generation USA citizens. Our family has been blessed to live in the greatest country in the world and possible in all history. May our generation leave our nation more cohesive and stronger than our parents. Our dynamic strength is our families and our faith that have made our 243 years possible and our leaders that place values above greed and lookout for our citizens in need. Success is really not about money or things (my mother-in-law dated Warren Buffet–were in the same country club) Warren has said two things money cannot buy is “love and time.” May we always be good citizens making America Great Again and leaving this place where we live the envy of the World. Thank you USA!!!

Probably less than $2k since that is included with admission to F&D’s Boot Camp.

I’m sure someone would be willing to pay a lot for it… How much depends on how bad they want it. One thing to consider when buying a list is that parks are constantly trading so the list will never be accurate.

I don’t see much value. Trouble is you can get the information relatively easily from some cheap or free sources. Also, any list that you get is static, yet it takes constant upkeep to keep such a list current. Lastly, when people outreach to sellers, they don’t hit 50k targets at once, but instead they down select based on criteria. After down selecting the targets can be easily researched using public sources.