How much to winterize a home?

For you guys in cold country now is the time to winterize those vacant homes. What are you paying to have it done or if your maintenace guys does it how many manhours is he charging to do a single wide?

I am assuming blowing out the lines, draining hot water tank, putting antifreeze in the toilets, sinks, etc.

Sometimes I wonder if blowing the lines is necessary - why not just open the valve at the lowest point - maybe the outdoor faucet and open the other faucets - this is in Ohio.


We’ve had most of our houses heat-taped for around $200. We do not pay to have our homes winterized, per se. Fortunately we tend to stay 100% full, so the homes are warm and have water running through the pipes. We have had to occasionally drain a home - and you are correct, that is as simple as shutting off water to the home, and draining the hot water heater and maybe pouring a bit of antifreeze down the sinks. Our managers do that as part of their regular pay, so there is no incremental cost to have it done.



My manager didn’t know how to do it and didn’t have anything to blow the lines out with, so I did a craigslist search and found someone to winterize a home for $55.00 in Ohio. It took him about an hour. Your mileage may vary.


We ar ein KY and we need to blow out the lines, empty toilet tanks, water heater and drop antifreeze in all traps - including the hoppers.

I think you should too.

Now that all said - if you don’t, PEX is a fantastic repiping. We love PEX - and so does our plumber.

I think we pay $200 to have our plumber do the whole thing.


Since when did homes in Kentucky have running water in them? Just kidding – you know that we have a park in Kentucky these days, as well.