How much to retrofit a gutted home?

I have a smaller older home that was 2 bedroom x 1 bathroom. Now it is one big room with no kitchen or bathroom. Box size is 12x40.

Lot is really small so finding another home would be hard. However demand is high so I can sell it if I can put it together again.

I have cheap labor, but how much can anyone guesstimate the materials will be including new walls, a new kitchen and bathroom? Nothing glamorous - just bare bones.

Thank you!

Kitchen cabinets are particularly expensive ($2,000 or so for uppers + lowers), rebuilding the walls would be another $1,500+, tub/shower/toilet, etc. probably another $1,000, carpeting (Beauflor or similar high-quality vinyl flooring would be better) would be $1,000, painting would be $1,000, other miscellaneous (electrical?) probably $1,500. So I’d guess you are looking at $8,000 to completely rebuild the interior.

That is getting to the upper limit of what we would spend to rehab any 12-wide and/or any home of any size from the 1970s or early 1980s. Much beyond that budget, and we’d rather just scrap the house, and spend $22,000 and get a good-condition used 16x80 home installed that will attract a better-quality resident with less headache than the sort of resident that would live in an older mobile home - especially a 1970s 12-wide. I know your lot is smaller, so you’d probably only have to pay $17,000 for a good-quality newer shorter home.

14x46 is the smallest 2/X they make today. Have you looked into buying a used-but-good-condition newer 2/2 or 2/1 for that lot? Can you fit a home just 6’ longer on that lot? If so, I’d seriously consider spending around $17k for a 14x46 or 16x46 used home in good condition (that is an all-in price to buy and set and skirt the home). You’ll get a better resident, more rent, and your property will be more financeable with the bank - and all for ‘only’ $9,000 more.

My 2 cents worth,


We rehabbed a larger single-wide that was gutted. Spent around $10k, I believe. Saved a BUNCH of money by buying materials at a Habitat for Humanity “Rehabitat” (think that’s right) store. Used stuff which is donated, and resold. Much in very good condition.

Also, in the Phoenix/Mesa/Glendale area, is Stardust. Same idea as Rehabitat, but much larger. In fact, they have two locations near Phoenix. Got our entire kitchen cabinetry there, toilet, and more, for far less than new prices.

Definitely a good idea to look for used material on line in your area. I only put new material in a older rehab when I have no other option. There is no need to put any new material in a older home. It does not equate to proportionately higher sale price as the level of buyer you are targeting does not appreciate the difference when parting with their money to purchase. They expect a usable home not a fancy one.

Hopefully you’re near a decent size metropolitan area. I search craiglist under materials using seach words " remodeled kitchen" or “kitchen remodeled”. I got an entire set of decent oak cabinets, kohler sink and a nice very usable dishwasher for $300 on craigslist. Sometimes you can get usable stuff for free. Happy hunting.