How much to pay community "greeter"

The previous manager of the park I’m buying wants to be the “greeter.” His duties are going to be limited to pretty much just being a point of contact for the residents and anyone who comes to look at homes or work on the property plus my on-site eyes and ears. He will have no rent collection, eviction, sales, repairs, etc. duties. Anything that comes to him he refers to me or the real manager who lives off-site. The rent is $235 per month plus garbage and water. He pays his own electric and gas bill. He did a good job of managing the place before he got sick. Now that he’s feeling better, he would like to have something to do.

What is a fair compensation for his duties? Can anyone give me some ideas as to how to make this situation a succesful one?



Well I have no experience in such things but the position sounds like a receptionist of sort. I would probably find out what that type job makes in the area and pay accordingly.

Just my thoughts,


Didn’t think in terms of “receptionist” but that is probably a pretty good description of the job.

Nothing in the area pays much money. I was considering cutting the lot rent in half or something like that. Anybody else have a position like this in their community?


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Thanks, Dale.

I hadn’t thought about the trash issue but it is a good one. The guy who I had in mind has some mobility problems so perhaps I need to find someone else.