How much to move a double wide? Is it worth it?

I have found a couple of really inexpensive double wides at @ 7-10K

Is it double the price to move a double wide? Slightly less than double? Or way more due to the cost of ripping the house in half, sealing it up and putting it back together?


All of the above – it’s going to be based on what your best bid is from a mover. But it’s going to be a ton more than a single-wide, that’s for sure. We rarely buy double wides because they cost about twice as much but do not rent for twice as much. So basically you spend twice as much and lose one lot in the process (most double wides take up two lots) and all you get in exchange is maybe 20% more in rent (if you’re lucky). Not a good deal for the park owner, but great for the tenant.