How Much Do You Charge For Deposits On Brand New Homes?

How much do you require as a deposit from new tenants on brand new homes from Legacy, or any other manufacturer, when doing an  RTO  or Rent Credit program?

Whatever the market will bear - fair market value.  Run some test ads in CraigsList and see how well they pull.  My bet is $2,000 - $4,000.Best,-jl-

I think most people recommend 10% – that was the number being thrown around at SECO last week. Think about just the cost (+ irritation) of taking a home back and make sure that you’ve got at least that much. That number should include the lost rent, legal expense, time lost, turnover and repair, etc.Will

The law on max deposit can vary by state. Ask the county wher pie you can get a copy pertaining to MHP