How many of you allow sex offenders to rent in your park?

And does it depend on the type of sex crime (e.g. violent)?

I’ve inherited a few. Most end with them not paying or being trashy & ending up evicted. I have one who pays like clockwork & never bothers anyone, probably because he knows he’ll never be able to rent anywhere else.

I never allow new ones in my park, only inherited ones.

You’re wading into some pretty litigious stuff here. I would not establish any policy regarding registered sex offenders until you:

  1. Talk to your state MHA on your state laws regarding them.

  2. Talk to your insurance agent to get their policy opinions.

  3. Hire an attorney who is licensed in the state (probably a referral from your state MHA) and get their input.

If you violate the law in your approach you could be sued for a lot of money. America has gone insane right now and you don’t want to be embroiled in something like this unless you are 100% on the correct side of the law,


Thanks Frank. I really underestimated the legal costs, but hopefully they decline over time.

“insane” - Yes, people should read books about the history of civilizations like Durant, Toynbee, maybe even some modern snapshots like Strauss, etc… It’s all pretty predictable.

The State will score the sex offender based upon the nature of the crime. It is called SORA, Sex Offender Registration Act. Depending on their score depends on how they have to register. Some state have an online registry showing where each sex offender lives. This could hurt your park. Do not forget sex offenders are not a protected class.

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In case you haven’t seen already: Trailer park millionaires: meet the people getting rich on housing for the poor - YouTube

Seems one of the take aways is if you are going to allow…go all in. Perhaps this is the better outcome for society as well: have sex offenders all living in one community rather than spread all over.

We do not rent to sex offenders. The good tenants will leave if you do.