How do You Prove Homeowner Has a Legitimate Offer to Sell

We don’t want to have any homes purchased and moved out of the park if we can help it.  So we tell sellers we will match any offer but how do we know its not a phony contract cooked up between seller and phony 3rd party.  Can we ask to get a copy of all signed offers on the home?  

You can ask for anything you want.We generally don’t make offers on the older homes (1980s, 1970s) and just let those trade hands without our involvement.  For someone who is looking to live in a $2,000 - $5,000 home, they are not likely to come up with the additional $3,500 it’ll cost to move it.  Newer homes (2005-present) that are likely too have a mortgage on them and a ‘deep-pocketed’ lender with the means to move it to another MHP are another matter entirely.  And nicer homes like that are definitely the ones you want to keep in your community.  We work directly with lenders on those homes to pay defaulted mortgage balances (at a discount) and keep those homes in our parks.Your mileage may vary,-jl-

Mike do you experience this often and have you lost a lot of homes. I would not match any offer. The tenant may just be playing a game with you. .
It is very unlikely that a potential buyer has the money to come up with the asking price. In what frank calls the derelict homes I even have to let the tenant pay it out. On those I am giving it away for my cost of recovery. On defaulted loans, I have been given first choice to buy. It’s supposed to be an auction process. But if you get to know the people they help you out. You can get great deals this way and I pass it on to the tenant since I just want the money back and keep the home in the park.