How do you find a remodeling crew for occasional projects?

I can remodel a few homes a year.

Where in the world do I find some experienced people to do this that aren’t charging retail/expensive rates? Used to be you could go to Home Depot and find day laborers there, but dont think they allow that anymore.

With home building in demand, and a friend told me that since Covid, finding laborers here in the mountain west has been hard.

Also tried calling a few local churches, asking manager who lives there, asking referrals from other contractors, but nothing so far.

Note, I dont live near the park, so although I could go out and scout for people working on other houses, its a shot in the dark.

Call local real estate agents and brokers to see who they use - I’ve found that very helpful.

Some areas are just damned with finding contractors or any help at all.

If you find during due diligence that you can’t find anyone - may be worth reconsidering the deal, because you may not be able to find anyone to do the work.

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ya it took us like 1.5 years to find a decent contractor… really slowed things down and wasted a lot of money

We found the best solution was to hire individuals with strengths in certain areas and put together a crew along with some outside vendors for major plumbing or electrical. We managed to get upwards of 10 rehabs completed along with some other major projects done in a year. Although you need a project manager to oversee the work or a knowledgeable manager/maintenance.