How do you advertise for renters

Hello all,
How do you advertise for renters or buyers in your area?
Do you use Facebook Marketplace?
Do you use craigslist?
Do you use Zillow?
Do you use Zumper?
Do you use something I’m not aware of?
I use to have AMAZING success with Facebook Marketplace, but I’ve been blocked for no reason I can determine.
Thanks for your insight and feedback.

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Using a realtor has been my silver bullet…mostly for buyers but occasionally she gets requests from renters. I can’t stress enough how using a realtor weeds out the riff raff and gets you the kind of tenants you really want to have. I don’t bother with any other marketing because it’s all been a waste of time. I’ve had similar issues as you with Facebook marketplace. I’ve found it’s not worth the time.


RE agents all the way. We pay them a sweet commission for every sale as well. Well worth every penny.

Facebook has mostly people without two nickels to rub together that’ll love to waste your time.


@grit we have used all those services (minus Zumper), and you are correct that FB MP is the best in our industry. We have had our account blocked by FB in the past as well and successfully petitioned to have it unblocked. It might be worth the effort… :man_shrugging:

We’re in Indiana, what state are you in? Our mobiles sell for about $35K-$50K. Do you pay your realtor a flat rate? Do they have any problems with selling mobile homes on leased land? Do they bring their own financing or do you provide financing? How do you keep mobile homes in the community and not have the home moved out of the park?

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Do you have someone who helped you get your account un blocked or did you do it yourself?

We did it ourselves by using the their online form to contest their blocking our account.

For 30 years we did a combination MH’s and RV’s in our parks and the MH part was the most difficult. Now we are doing only RV parks and the real surprise is the waiting list of people that need a spot with NEW or very new units. No park owned RV’s or old ??? units or looking for Mobile Homes and 75% is long term with good credit. People are moving more and the RV’s are amazing and the Ford Lightning is a wimp!

I’m in Maine. I only deal in new homes in the $110-$190K range. I typically only have cash buyers but the occasional time they need financing I point them in the direction of Triad or 21st Mortgage. I have not had trouble with buyers getting financing due to the leased land. I pay the realtor 6% which is built into my pricing structure. Homes generally don’t move out of my parks but when they do I just replace them with new spec homes.

We have had luck in the local town newspapers including all of the other web service mentioned above.

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Has anyone tried radio ads? I just started doing this for one of my parks but outcome is TBD.

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Start another FB account or two. If you’re relying on FB Marketplace for advertising, you can’t afford to be down. You must always have 1-2 other accounts so when you get blocked, you can wait it out while using the other. Their blocking system is arbitrary and capricious so there’s really no way to know when you’ll get blocked. Also, on the new accounts it takes a little while (weeks or a month or something as I recall) to get access to Mktplc.

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