How do determine the Flood Plain Elevation (FPE)

I’m looking into a park in PA, but I’m curious how to determine the Flood Plain Elevation (FPE). I have heard Frank refer to it before, but going to GIS and looking at the FEMA FP info I don’t see it provided. The park is in a FP, but it appears to be at the end of it.

Thanks In Advance!


So I’ve read there is an attribute called EL that estimate the flood elevation, but haven’t seen it in the search I’ve found here: FEMA Flood Map Service Center |

Am I searching at the right site? What an I missing?

A lot of the local municipalities have their own mapping / GIS system, which will have links to the publicly available property information and basic flood plain info. The FEMA map probably doesn’t get as detailed, so I would start with a search of local county/city zoning and planning information. GIS maps there are more useful and relevant.