How Big of Water Leak is a deal breaker?

I have found a park in my hometown that I am considering. After speaking with the water department I found the average monthly water usage was 16,900 gallons per home in Jan-Feb. Or, about 1,000,000 gallons for 59 homes. Total pads are around 80. I know this is about 3 times higher than average, and am wondering if I should walk away, or continue getting estimates from plumbing experts on the cost of fixing leaks? Is it possible this figure could include storm water and or sewer figures? The property has 5 meters on it… I feel the park can be purchased at a very good price, I am just wondering if anyone else has bought a park with a known problem as big as this one seems to be? I have NOT called engineering yet to determine the type of system.

This website is an amazing resource.