Horse On Property

Friends -

I have a resident who wants to build a fence on an unused corner of my land behind my MHP and put a horse back there. There was a bull back there when I purchased my property (the former owner’s animal), and it helped keep the lawn/field mowed. I don’t see much of a problem with this, but wanted input from any of you that had had animals stored anywhere on your property.

Is this a good idea? And how much should I charge for this?



Hey Jefferson

At least it is not a pot bellied pig and a goat living in someones house like I found. The smell gave it away. I would love to have some grazing animals to keep the grass down outside though. Got to love this business


Call around to a couple local stables and see what they charge for boarding and what it includes (stall, feed, etc). Find out what they’re charging for something comparable to what you’re providing - just a fence & field, I assume - and go from there.

You might also check w/ your insurance carrier. Will they be riding the horse on your property? Or just boarding it? You want to make sure you’re not incurring any increased liability unless it’s really worth your while.



I have a tenant in one of my parks that approached me with the same question a year or so ago. I called my insurance agent… good thing it is called Farm Bureau.

He called the main office and they reviewed my insurance and said I was covered under the current insurance.

My tenant has 2 horses on the property (this park is located between 2 farms anyways). The other tenants absolutely love them. She rotates fields. The lack of rain last summer made it hard on the grass for all farmers and the like. I charge her $100 per month and she does everything. Initially we did about twice that amount but the reality is that the grass costs were too much for me to expect that.

I will probably have to re-seed when these horses leave but honestly their main area is one that was a field that had grown up and when I did mow it this was little more than exercise for me as it did not bring in any income.

Now she moves the horses to parts of the park that has grass that gets high. Using temporary fencing she is able to keep the park in pretty good order.

These are older horses.

The tenant has a lot of work cut out for herself but loves having her “babies” just outside her window.