Homes Wanted in Florida

Hi Guys

I have a friend that sent me this massage, if you can help let me know.

"I am looking for 9 homes to bring into a park in Ft Meade, FL…

Cant be more than 55’ in length, can be up to 24’ wide"

Thank you


Infinity Homes

11950 Se Hwy 464

Ocklawaha, FL 32179

352.288.0046 Office

352.216.23020 Cell

Go to:

click on doublewides or singlewide tabs and check out 6-8 of our homes…we have 16 homes on the lot today. Add 1K to each d/w for extra transpo. We set-up in Polk County all the time.

A quick question Yosi, " why not take homes from the closing Parks down there you posted about and place them yourself for your friend?" We will gladly give you quotes for moving and setting homes.

Will this be a cash deal? If so , this is what we specialize in doing. We are licensed dealers and State certified set-up vendors…we are licensed, bonded, and insured.

Greg Meade