Home Signage

Hello! I need to put signs on each of our mobile homes that show the lot number. I’ve noticed the ARC parks in my area have nice 6" x 12" signs on each mobile, reflective, with the house number and ARC logo on them. I need something like that. Anyone have any suggestions on who makes such custom signs?

Also, what is the best way to attach them to the house? Screws? Silicon?

Many thanks,


I get mine at a local sign shop they cut pieces of painted aluminum and then apply vinyl lettering - I then screw them into top rail of skirting cost $3.00 per if I order a quantity

Typically the local fire dept regs dictate the parameters of how the house should be numbered for 911/emergency purposes.

Usually they like the kind that reflect at night, usually about 2 inches tall or so but they can tell you.

As a former police officer I can tell you that nothing is more frustrating that poorly marked homes when you are trying to get in quick to help someone.

Just a heads up.