Home Investors/Lonnie Dealers Wanted

I have a 125 pad community in Macon Ga with homes on 70 lots. We currently own 40+ homes sold on lease options and are looking for investors or lonnie dealers that would also like to own a portfolio of homes in our community. We currenty have 55 empty pads and are willing to work out a good deal to assist us in filling up the property. Strong management in place and both owners are actively involved in maintaining the integrity of the community. Contact me for more information if you are intersted. We have access to new and used homes.



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Hello Brian,

My name is Scott Mann. I am a park owner of two parks in Asheville, park. I also invest in Lonnie Deals and I have some pretty decent capital as well as a fair amount of experience in Lonnie Dealing. I’d be interested in discussing your request further if you’d like. Drop an e-mail to David.S.Mann@us.army.mil cause I am not on this forum too often.

Take care,


Sorry Brian, my earlier post had a typo…my parks are in Asheville, NC.

I’ve got a park in the Oklahoma City, OK area. I too am looking for Lonnie Dealers to bring homes into my park. Please contact me on (650) 281-7778.