Holiday House Decorating Contest

Do any of you current owners/managers offer any type of community contests such as a holiday house decorating contest? If yes, what type of contest? What is the reward for the winner?  TIA.

We do not encourage holiday contests as most are religion based and with such a diverse tenant base this type of contest is not equally appreciated or fair to all residents. In addition some decorations can be very tacky, inappropriate and many residents tend to leave up decorations well past the holiday. We have enough trouble getting some to take the junk down without encouraging it in the first place.We do however encourage improvements to landscaping/gardens with an annual competition voted on by the residents themselves, best in park, most improved etc. The prize’s are a $100 gift certificate at a local garden center.A gift certificate has the added benefit of contributing to further improving the appearance of the community.

What about Halloween Greg?    You allowed No decorations?      We find good taste in our residents and Christmas time is no exception.     We have shut down political signs in yards and as owners we do not allow ourselves to do it either.    

We allow decorations. It is none of our business as long as they do not negatively impact on the community. Our policy is that actively encouraging any religious based element would not be appropriate as responsible owners in respecting the personal beliefs of all residents. Allowing it on the other hand is completely different. We do have rules in place to insure they do not remain beyond the holiday time period.

Greg, Would you mind sharing your criteria for the landscaping/gardens competition?TIA

Not much in regards to criteria.Late summer I send out requests to residents to nominate others for most attractive lot, best maintained  and most improved exterior appearance (home and lot) over previous year.Once I receive nominations I send the list of nominees to all residents and they drop off their ballots (code one per resident) and post the results. Most attractive lot usually goes to the same lot every year but the best maintained and most improved varies and is often dependant on the number of new residents to the community year over year. New residents are usually motivated to improve their home and generally motivate other residents to do the same. The contest is less of a motivator on my part and more of a reward to those that care the most about appearances.