Hitch Cover

Does anyone know were I can buy hitch covers or is standard lattice the only option? Thank you!

If you click under ‘resources’ on this website you’ll find many helpful links - including to http://www.westlanddistributinginc.com.

But ask your State’s Manufactured Housing Association for which mobile home parts suppliers they recommend.

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Instead of trying to put lipstick on a pig why not just remove the hitch. Or are you planning on moving the home in the near future.

As a Standard Operating Procedure, we have our Skirting guys cut the tongue off and scoot it under the home - then skirt over.

Looks SO MUCH better.


This is the rear - but it shows our Metal Roofing skirting - which is FAR superior and FAR more economical than the vinyl stuff.

I use the same metal roofing when I skirt as well. I also insulate the skirting as we are in a cold climate.

As far as the hitches are concerned in our park they are required to be removed within 30 days of the home being placed in the park that being said we have not had a home come in since the mid 90s.

The only homes that leave go out in a dumpster.

I love the lipstick line. These homes are older and the hitch is designed to stay on the house. I will look into cutting them off, “noting like the smell of a plasma cutter” in the morning!


If you haven’t had much "in"ward activity, What are you doing to fill up your "out"ward activity homes?