Hispanic parks info

I came across a park filled with older homes and according to pva, appears to be almost all Hispanic which is fine with me.

Density appears to be about 15/acre

I was just trying to figure out if there are immigration issues or other concerns to be aware of on the front end.


If you feel your family would be fine living with that mix great, if you have hesitation that is coming from your question you know the answer. The situation we have found is that certain cultures do not mix easily with others and you might find white flight, and certain groups figure rent by the cost per person since you might easily experience 10 or more living in a single home since they are quote “family”.


I assume what you mean is the danger of Federal, state or city government running off your tenants? That used to be a common fear of most park owners during the Bush era, where there were stories of the immigration officials scaring off entire park populations overnight. However, in recent years, the mood has changed dramatically. Politicians have as their #1 priority getting re-elected. Tough stances on immigration have proven to be political suicide today. And, to be honest with you, the perception of the legality of park residents is mostly based on wrong stereotyping. We find that most residents out there have the legal right to be there. And, on top of that, most cities are politically correct enough to knew better than to even ask that question to begin with. I will also add that many states, such as Texas, will be majority hispanic in 2042, while cities such as San Antonio become majority hispanic by 2020.

So, given the modern America, I would have no fears in that regard. But your question is a good one, and one that was very common a decade ago.

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15 per acre is really dense. Have you seen the layout and will you be able to replace homes if you need to?

I saw some pics but have not driven the park yet. If the homes are locked in. I wouldn’t be nearly as interested.

IF its a southwest park CA,AZ,NV and your not interested please send my way,
I’m happy to pay a referral . We like 35 site plus stuff, and RV allowable.
Density makes no difference for us down here as most of our sites are just big enough for a trailer.
That’s how we like it. Less maintenance costs.